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Roaming in the North

Summer 2016

Story by Nina Frydenlund July 5th, 2016


Have you ever travelled with the feeling of longing to get home, only to start longing to get back on the road the minute you put your key in the door? I sometimes get the horrible sensation of there not being enough time. Ever. But that is kind of how it is, isn`t it? I think maybe it was the mountains that made me think these thoughts. Someday I will not be here. But the mountains will. I want to see all I can, feel all that is possible and know all that is available.

These are my impressions of my beautiful country. And some personal tips for making the most of your time if you ever visit.

djevelens tanngard (1 of 1).jpg

Feeling blue?

The colours of Husøy were almost too vibrant!

husøy (1 of 1).jpg
husøy_speilbilde (1 of 1).jpg

Go fishing in the midnight sun

And feel extremely small amongst it all.

fluefisker (1 of 1).jpg

Always be open to different views

Squat and tilt your lense. What do you see?

smal stripe (1 of 1).jpg
sommereng (1 of 1).jpg

be on the lookout for divine light!

Consider other cars on the road before you hit the breaks though…..

lysstripe (1 of 1).jpg

Always travel with a friend

Thank you for showing me your childhood area Melissa!

melis (1 of 1).jpg
tungeneset (1 of 1).jpg

Always bring your bathing suit

If it looks THIS good, it probably is freezing…..

stranda (1 of 1).jpg

Take a detour

What is behind that bend?

lavangsneset (1 of 1).jpg
sky (1 of 1).jpg
Footnote: Not all who wander are lost.
Troms, Norway