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The many ways I`ve been loved

Story by Nina Frydenlund July 15th, 2015

1. You were a hurricane. All over me all the time. I needed the tender breeze making love to my skin. I needed a sweet warm whisper in my ear and the slow rolling waves over my body. Over and over. Over and over.

2. You were mental chaos. Infatuated by being in love. Not willing to change. I needed an anchor in order to find myself. We went to war, and it ended in tears.

3.You loved me when you couldn`t have me. I didn`t need you at first, and when I did, you had lost interest.

4. You loved me with your heart and your head. But those vital parts didn`t equally love each other, and your clouded mind killed what was in your heart. I needed you to stick through. I would have, if you would have.

5. You loved me with fear. Saying I was too good for you, and out of your league. You were right.

6. You loved me like dough that needs moulding. You wanted to change everything about me. I needed to be free and live my life. I left you for someone else.

7. You loved me in a way that made me feel safe and excited. I was in love with your good looks and your skilful use of your fingers.

8. Second time around. You didn`t really love me. You didn’t even love yourself. I just needed someone. And you stepped all over me.

9. You were the best thing that happened to me. Supportive and kind. I got bored and needed excitement. I threw you away. I broke your heart. Now, mine is broken too.